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The Stories 

If you like a good story about adventure, serendipity, love, betrayal, sadness, or joy, then you've come to the right place! Here is where you'll find the storytelling behind much of the research shared on this site. We learn and connect best through stories, the television show Gentleman Jack being a perfect example. While facts are important, they are dry and straightforward. Stories allow us to consume those facts in packages that speak to our hearts and souls, our hopes and dreams, and inspire our sense of adventure for more. 

I've had several storytelling adventures focused on Mariana and the Belcombes since early 2019, so check back here often as new content is added!  While these stories will chronicle my adventures connecting with the Belcombes, I'll also provide my own opinions and thoughts on what the facts could suggest. As you read these posts, I hope you'll connect to the adventures and form your own stories and interpretations of where the facts could lead. The possibilities are endless!

Discovering the window in St. Olave's Church, York, dedicated to Percy by her partner Elizabeth. 

Belcombe Family Crest

The Belcombe Crest discovered at Christ Church, Morningside in Edinburgh, in a memorial to the late Reverend F. E. Belcombe; Steph's youngest son. 

A Military Family

Several of the Belcombes across generations were members of the military with unique stories. 

The Doctors

Dr. William Belcombe started a family tradition in medicine. 

Follow the Money

Did Mariana really have a choice in marrying Charles? 

The visit heard 'round the world.

Willoughby & His Crew

Who was Willoughby and why was he important to Mariana? 

Mariana often remembered her birthdate incorrectly, but these baptism records do not! 

Discovering Papa Blecombe's grave in Scarborough. 

Finding a Belcombe in America!

Does she love her?

Elizabeth started out in the 1851 census as Percy's lady's maid &  by 1901, she had inherited her estate. Must have been really good gal pals?

Note: The blog posts will be linked as they are added to the site. This is a sneak peek of the upcoming content.