Disclaimer: I'm probably biased. #TeamMariana

I never liked history. And then once upon a time, there was a family named Belcombe. The End. 

My experience with history plays out like the following. A group of white men start a war to acquire a country. People die. Those men create rules to favor their way of living and build an environment where women and minorities are considered inferior. Suffering ensues. People die and the story repeats itself.  All my history classes focused on this storyline. Thank you, next. 

Because I've found so many interesting women in the archives, that I never learned about in school, I want to share their stories. And through their letters and records and the research I've conducted to gain context to their stories, I've learned more about history during this adventure than I have in all my years of schooling. 

History is fun when you can relate. I can relate to Mariana Lawton (Belcombe), Anne Lister, Isabella Norcliffe, and many of the other women in this true story. So let's have some fun with history through the eyes of a group of sarcastic, funny, dramatic, intelligent women in the archives. Let's tell her story and update history. 

#TeamMariana #TeamBelcombe #poorTib