Her Story in the Archives

The history of Mariana Percy Lawton (née  Belcombe)

Mariana Percy Lawton

On Tuesday, February 5th, 1788, Mariana Percy Belcombe entered the world in Vienne, Isère, France, to Dr. William Belcombe and Mrs. Mariana (Mary Anne) Belcombe (née Mountford). She died in Belsize Park, London, on Saturday, October 31, 1868, at the age of 80. 

Mariana is most well known as the second wife of diarist Anne Lister. Mariana and Anne Lister maintained a relationship from 1812 until 1834, when Anne married Ann Walker. They remained friends until Anne's death in 1840. Anne Lister documented this relationship in her journal, providing insight into Mariana's life and the people around her. 

Her Story in the Archives aims to uncover Mariana Lawton's life as an LGBTQIA+ woman living in the 19th century and those of her family and friends. By uncovering the stories of unknown women from the past, we can piece together our own history and make room for all the stories in the future. 

Portrait of Mariana Lawton, black dress, red shawl

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Why I'm fascinated with Mariana & want to share her story. 

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