Mariana & the Belcombes

A deep dive into my research on Mariana Lawton and the Belcombe family at the 2020 Anne Lister Research Summit. 

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Ever invariably & affect[ionatel]y yours, AL

My talk at the 2021 Anne Lister Research Summit on letter writing in the time of Anne Lister and Mariana Lawton. The Anne Lister Letter Bag tracker contains over 4700 tracked items and that’s not even half of it! 

The Marianas & the Archives

[Official Trailer] Thanks to the archives and all the information at our fingertips, we've discovered the vivid history of a family that had more in common than just a name.

Narrated by Lydia Leonard. #Archives #TeamMariana #TeamBelcombe #AnneLister #MarianaLawton #MarianaBelcombe

When Charles Dies:
A Timeline

A brief description of when Charles dies. #WhenCharlesDies


All the Marianas

Five Marianas!? What? Can we handle that much awesomeness? Was it the name? Was it the person? How did 'Mariana' travel through five generations of fascinating women? Get acquainted with all the Marianas and then dive into the archives to see what you can uncover.

Bullie the Bullfinch

Once upon a time, Mariana Percy Lawton had a pet bird. Listen to the voice of Mariana Lawton read the epitaph written by the original Mariana Lawton.

Narrated by Lydia Leonard #TeamMariana #AnneLister #GentlemanJack #MarianaLawton

Mariana - An Introduction

A short primer on Mariana Percy Lawton and her family. Consider it a stimulating apéritif before we dive into the main dish of all the details.

Narrated by Lydia Leonard. #TeamMariana #AnneLister #GentlemanJack #MarianaLawton

Mariana Lawton

My interview talking all things Mariana Lawton. 

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