Because Belcombe (Read: Mariana) Things

I found so many stories in the archives about all the Belcombes and the Lawtons and the Norcliffes and everyone in their lives that I just needed an outlet to share it with the world!

Lawton Hall, Lawton, Cheshire, England

"We have a railway landing over us which will cross the carriage road, & go thr’ the Marl ground, hear it we must but see it we shall not." MPL - Lawton, Ap: 13th Sat 1839

If you're interested in the story of the Belcombes and all the Marianas (and other interesting women I've come across) then subscribe and let's start telling stories! And because I've found it all from and because the archives, I want more people to start exploring. There are still so many archives that have not digitized their collections. That means that bits of Mariana and Lou and Tib and Eliza Priestley and all the supporting characters in the Anne Lister story may well be just sitting in a box somewhere on a shelf waiting for us to find.

#TeamMariana #TeamBelcombe